about me

What can I say about me without sounding like I'm ten different people but the truth is, I am so many things. I'm happy, I'm moody, I'm nice, I'm confident, I'm insecure, I'm growing into my own skin, I'M ALIVE! I guess all that means, is that I'm a woman. My proudest accomplishment is being a mom and next being 1/3 of a film company (Origin Nile Films). I'm a writer, actor, director and of course blogger! I have a genuine love for healthy living which led me to blogging. For years, friends and associates would ask me health tips ranging from cancer treatment to what to do for nail fungus. Of course I don't have all the answers, but I do believe that your body along with what nature provides, can cure anything! This blog has something for everyone. Whether you are a strict vegan or a junkfood junkie. We all gotta start somewhere so journey with me to optimal health and let's add years to our lives. I love you all!