Media Kit

Thanks for your interest in advertising on NikkiNatural. My blog is relatively new to the blogosphere and continues to grow each day. I write about my experiences and journey to a healthy lifestyle as well as about whatever the hell interests me! while the majority of my visitors are women who can relate to my attempts to look and feel the best way I can through natural means, I believe there is great info for men as well. The topics range from battling my addiction to cheese to hair products to anything in between!

(filmmaker,blogger,actor,vegan caterer to the stars) geez I have alot to titles(LOL)

Ads/Format Pricing
I am currently running 125x125 ad space for $10 per month. All payments for ad space are via PayPal.

A couple things to note when it comes to advertising on my blog:

* There are no refunds on ads.
* I reserve the right to refuse any ad.
* Payment must be paid in full prior to your ad being posted.

Product Reviews / Giveaways
Interested in collaborating on a giveaway? I’d love to work with you as long as your product is a good fit for my blog.

A couple things to note when it comes to doing a giveaway on my blog:

I will only do a giveaway for a product that I have tried and loved.

All giveaway posts will include a personal review of the product by me.

You (the Vendor) are responsible for shipping the giveaway item to the winner within two weeks after the winner is announced. I will provide you with their mailing address.

Have any additional questions please feel free to contact me - I would love to hear from you!