Friday, January 14, 2011

Superfood Spotlight (ALMOND OIL)

I am absolutely addicted to almond oil and if you try it, I'm sure you will be too. It's relatively inexpensive and lasts for months. My favorite way to use this oil is on my skin and hair. Ironically those are the two things I'm complimented on most. There really is no need for lotions and multiple hair creams with dozens of unnecessary ingredients that cause more harm than good. Organic cold pressed almond oil is really all you need. Since I've pretty much made it a staple in my beauty regime, blemishes have become foreign to me. Some benefits of almond oil are: relief of dull complexion, itching, inflammation and muscle pain. Try it out. I think you'll love it!!!!


  1. Well let me start by calling you out... you have had that skin and hair since you were young. I should know :)

    But, if this is the secret for the rest of us to get it HEY...sign me up.

    I use unrefined/unfiltered/cold pressed coconut oil and grape seed oil immediately after showering rather than lotions for their antioxidant and skin renewing effects (alternating not together). LOVE them. (great for cooking as well. Almond oil sounds like a great choice also. Ill try it.

  2. You killin me Mahogany!!! ha ha. let's not get on flawless skin though cuz you got it. But yes I love love love coconut oil as well! I'll have to try the grape seed oil! thx for the tip